Cowboy Country…. Oklahoma and Kansas

From Texas we moved further north into Middle America, as we had plans on stopping in Oklahoma to train at Rafael Lovato Jr’s Academy. As we headed up the highway we took a little detour to the Toy and Action Figure Museum…… for the kids of course 😊. This place was amazing! It had so many action figures, many from my childhood. We spend well over an hour walking around and trying to pick out all the toys we had owned and played with. Kobe seemed to know more about most of them than me, as he often plays with my old toys when visiting Nana and Pokka’s place. After that stop we continued Continue reading “Cowboy Country…. Oklahoma and Kansas”

Orlando – Great training and People

Leaving Miami, we headed up the centre of Florida to Orlando, we opted to take the smaller back roads up around Lake Okeechobee to see more of the Florida countryside. We had only planned to visit Orlando for about 4 days to visit some friends and get a little bit of training in.

Upon arriving in the afternoon, we dropped our gear of at our Airbnb and headed to Disney Springs to meet up with the Elam family. They had just Continue reading “Orlando – Great training and People”

Miami… In the Aftermath

We have been up to so much and having heaps of fun, I’m a little behind on the blog so there will a far bit coming soon! here is our time in Miami.

We began the journey south to Florida after leaving Charlotte. We spent most of the day driving down the east coast through North and South Carolina and stopping for the night in the small coastal city of Brunswick in Georgia. We stayed in a small Airbnb cabin for the night to break up the trip, this is where the world’s greatest game of family UNO took place. I won every game, but Continue reading “Miami… In the Aftermath”

Lucas Lepri BJJ – Charlotte, North Carolina


We left the Great Smoky Mountains to head east into North Carolina, we travelled the winding roads through the national park on our way to Charlotte. Upon arriving, we dropped our stuff at our Airbnb and headed straight to Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After having a few days off we were pretty
excited to hit the mats again. Lucas is a multiple time world champion and one Continue reading “Lucas Lepri BJJ – Charlotte, North Carolina”