My World Masters – Dee

When Adam and I decided to register for the World Masters, I instantly felt the usual nervous feeling I get when I am about to compete. I looked at It as it was just another competition, something I had done many times before but this time I was going to be prepping for it in America – what a great place to get ready!!

Whilst we were in San Diego I had to tighten my diet to bring my weight down to my competition weight bracket of 64kgs (whilst wearing my Gi -which Continue reading “My World Masters – Dee”

Las Vegas and IBJJF Master Worlds

First and most importantly we managed to send home Kobe’s sword he won at NAGA it only cost $130 US dollars postage …….. no more winning swords only medals from now on!!! 😦

Kobe and his NAGA sword, that is on its way back to Australia

So our stay in Las Vegas has almost come to an end…. We have some mixed feelings about Vegas. It is everything we thought it would be, bright lights and Continue reading “Las Vegas and IBJJF Master Worlds”

San Diego to Las Vegas

San Diego was a great experience…. We loved everything about it. The Training, Weather, People, Beaches and the overall vibe of San Diego was awesome.

The last couple of days we spent getting some more jiu-jitsu sessions in at Gracie south bay and Victory MMA. We spent some time relaxing it Balboa park and let Kobe and Lilly run around and burn off some energy which they never seem short of. After a clean up of our Airbnb (the kids seem to make it a Continue reading “San Diego to Las Vegas”