Training to be able to Train

So how do you prepare yourself to possibly train everyday or at least be ready to?

To get the most out of this trip I need to be able to take full advantage of the training that is on offer. This means potentially training 2-3 times a day everyday of the week for short periods.

Like most practitioners I have spent a majority of my Jiu-Jitsu career training once a day 3 times a week, supplemented with cross training such as weights, running and other circuit programs. This was largely due to the availability of class times with the club.

I was first introduced in the term “training to be able to train” by my first coach Continue reading “Training to be able to Train”

Making the Easiest/Hardest Decision

So the first post has little to do with BJJ directly,

How do you go about making what some would consider a life changing decision? Well the decision itself was very easy to make, who wouldn’t want to put work on hold to travel?

When the idea first struck me that I could make a dream a possibility is was a bit of a joke between mates. We were discussing how much leave we did and Continue reading “Making the Easiest/Hardest Decision”