Meal Plan – Quick review

Ok before I start, I am in no way a diet or training professional and any of my advice should be taken the same as the crazy guy at a bus stop or that annoying friend who read a few bodybuilding articles and is now an expert. Im mainly writing this so you can see me in my jocks…..haha

So, a lot has been going on with my Physical preparation for the trip the biggest change would be my Diet. Many of the people around me have seen that Dee and I have been eating all sorts of weird meals and refusing food Continue reading “Meal Plan – Quick review”

What about Schooling?

Whenever I have heard that someone I know is planning to home school their children, I have thought “really?” taking on your child’s education solely is a HUGE responsibility – I have even laughed at the fact I wouldn’t do it- this is what I would call KARMA, hahaha!

Many have asked why we don’t just enrol the kids into a school whilst we are in America? Our Continue reading “What about Schooling?”

My First Thoughts- Dee

I had purchased Valerie Worthington’s book “Training Wheels – How a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Road Trip Jumpstarted My Search for a Fulfilling Life” – the only similarities between Valerie and us was that we loved and trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I like the idea of a trip to travel and train Jiu-Jitsu, but my idea was on Continue reading “My First Thoughts- Dee”