Countdown is on……But Why?

So as time ticks down……11 weeks..2 days..21 hours..31 minutes..30,29,28 Seconds! until we leave for 163 days of adventure, But who’s counting right? I start to reflect on what as lead to this decision of why we decided to go on this journey. A quick look into our training history may give some insight into this.

Its October 2008….my daughter is 4 months old, I have been working in the Iron ore mining industry since I was 17 and was now 26. Living in a small Continue reading “Countdown is on……But Why?”

Meal Plan – Quick review

Ok before I start, I am in no way a diet or training professional and any of my advice should be taken the same as the crazy guy at a bus stop or that annoying friend who read a few bodybuilding articles and is now an expert. Im mainly writing this so you can see me in my jocks…..haha

So, a lot has been going on with my Physical preparation for the trip the biggest change would be my Diet. Many of the people around me have seen that Dee and I have been eating all sorts of weird meals and refusing food Continue reading “Meal Plan – Quick review”

Travel Plans…So far

So it would seem that everything has gone quiet and that we haven’t been up too much, well that hasn’t been quite the case.

As far as the trip is concerned the flights are booked in to LA and out of Hawaii. One of the biggest challenges organising a trip like this isn’t to over plan it. I started out trying to work out when and where we were going to be and the things we were going to do at each place. I contacted a lot of travel agents to try and get the best deal. What I found happened is that by the time I got a reply from one of the agents the plan had changed…….at one stage I was Continue reading “Travel Plans…So far”

What about Schooling?

Whenever I have heard that someone I know is planning to home school their children, I have thought “really?” taking on your child’s education solely is a HUGE responsibility – I have even laughed at the fact I wouldn’t do it- this is what I would call KARMA, hahaha!

Many have asked why we don’t just enrol the kids into a school whilst we are in America? Our Continue reading “What about Schooling?”

Bubble Bum, Travel Booster seat – Quick Review

So holiday season is upon us and traveling with kids can be a pain and costly. With all the extra things you need to take you can end up looking like a sherpa about to scale Mt Everest…….Fear not as one of the most annoying things to hire or take with you can be a lot easier.

While doing research I found that there was one product on the market that would make our trip a lot easier. The Bubble-Bum inflatable booster seat is exactly that, a booster seat that inflates in seconds and can be fitted to any vehicle car seat in minutes. The whole unit fits into its own travel bag that the kids could easily fit in their backpack and carry themselves ( they have to earn their keep somehow ).

No more hire fees and extra baggage……..We will be using them on the plane!


If you’re in Australia or New Zealand checkout

They will send it out courier for a very reasonable rate and only take a few business days!

My First Thoughts- Dee

I had purchased Valerie Worthington’s book “Training Wheels – How a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Road Trip Jumpstarted My Search for a Fulfilling Life” – the only similarities between Valerie and us was that we loved and trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I like the idea of a trip to travel and train Jiu-Jitsu, but my idea was on Continue reading “My First Thoughts- Dee”

Training to be able to Train

So how do you prepare yourself to possibly train everyday or at least be ready to?

To get the most out of this trip I need to be able to take full advantage of the training that is on offer. This means potentially training 2-3 times a day everyday of the week for short periods.

Like most practitioners I have spent a majority of my Jiu-Jitsu career training once a day 3 times a week, supplemented with cross training such as weights, running and other circuit programs. This was largely due to the availability of class times with the club.

I was first introduced in the term “training to be able to train” by my first coach Continue reading “Training to be able to Train”

Making the Easiest/Hardest Decision

So the first post has little to do with BJJ directly,

How do you go about making what some would consider a life changing decision? Well the decision itself was very easy to make, who wouldn’t want to put work on hold to travel?

When the idea first struck me that I could make a dream a possibility is was a bit of a joke between mates. We were discussing how much leave we did and Continue reading “Making the Easiest/Hardest Decision”