San Diego… back we go again.. Round 2

Arriving back in San Diego was almost like coming home, as we had been here almost 5 months ago. I was very excited to be back as the last time we were here I was nursing a serious rib injury that prevented me from really training the way I wanted to here. The whole focus this time was definitely the Jiu- Continue reading “San Diego… back we go again.. Round 2”

Seattle to San Diego and a couple of national parks in between!!

So, after all the snow and rain we have been through the last couple of weeks, we were now on the way south to warmer weather and hopes of catching up with some of the friends we had made at the start of this trip. We left Seattle Continue reading “Seattle to San Diego and a couple of national parks in between!!”

Seattle…. Back to training!!

The drive through Washington State to Seattle was beautiful! We had no real idea what to expect when we arrived as to be honest we had not done much research on Seattle. The only real plan we had was to go and train with Brian Johnson at North West Jiu-Jitsu, John Will had mentioned to me in an email that if I had a chance to visit Seattle to make sure I looked Continue reading “Seattle…. Back to training!!”

Yellowstone …….. Well sort of :(

We headed north from Colorado to try and see Yellowstone National Park before it closed for the season. We had around 4 days until it was scheduled to shut so we jumped in the car and headed to Jackson Hole. Unfortunately, the night before we had grabbed a pizza after trick or treating and I was feeling a little off. This made the 8hr drive a struggle as I was unable to keep down anything including water, we had to make a number of stops so I could “empty Continue reading “Yellowstone …….. Well sort of :(“

Colorado….. Training at 9000 ft!

So, the whole reason for visiting Colorado wasn’t so much for the jiu Jitsu but more to let Lilly and Kobe experience snow, living in the Pilbara of Western Australia it’s something they have never seen before. They were so excited they had been asking about it every day since we told them that we were heading that way.

Playing in the snow for the first time

As we travelled west from Kansas into Colorado the elevation slowly increased until we were a little over 5000 ft when we arrived in Denver. We Continue reading “Colorado….. Training at 9000 ft!”