Back in Australia – Perth WA

So, I started writing this blog a few weeks ago on our return but got so caught up returning to our “normal” life I kept forgetting to finish it.

Our journey back to Western Australia would see us stopover in Sydney to go through customs and board our connecting flight to Perth, unfortunately our flight out of Hawaii was delayed 2 hours which meant we missed our connecting flight and had to spend the night in Sydney. As it was a fault with Continue reading “Back in Australia – Perth WA”

San Francisco and the Ralph Gracie Academy

We left LA and planned to head up along the coast the whole way to San Francisco over 2 days. We started the drive and headed trough Malibu only to be turned around and had to take the back roads due to an accident on the road. Once back on the Coast road again we made our way to Morro Bay, a Continue reading “San Francisco and the Ralph Gracie Academy”

Los Angeles… Second time around

We headed back up to Los Angeles with the plans to stay around 4 days and get some more training in that we missed on our first visit. Before leaving San Diego we sent out a few messages and enquires to some places that we wanted to train at. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much of a response from them so jumped onto Reddit and asked the forums where the best training on a Continue reading “Los Angeles… Second time around”